Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How terrorists get funding from US outsourcing

So, today I went to the North Shore with my old Krav Maga Instructor, who has a decadently Chinese-Hawaiian background since his grandfather donated the land for the Chinese cultural plaza in Chinatown, Honolulu. I have always felt he works against me because he is anti-Japanese in America despite our easygoing outward appearances together. And today he asked me about the time I met al-Qaeda or Someone who was close to al-Qaeda I was in Thailand at the time;- a friend had asked me to go with him for the trip. That is why I am posting this today on this blog. 

From my American perspective and with my knowledge: China keeps a clean slate while Terrorist groups fight outside the Communist domain. 
The vicious cycle that supports al-Qaeda  and like organizations makes money from outsourced US business to China. Al-Qaeda members will kill those who run business for American companies and then move the funds to support their terrorist organizations. This is done without much punishment in Communist China. Shutting down  USA EX-IM or an Embargo on China in 2005 and forcing Americans in the homeland to "make due with what got" for even a year or two back then would have cut funding to these terrorist groups. Instead they made money from our own "greed" and hit us in the back with military actions in the Middle East over the past 8 years. I learned this from a Chinese -French Muslim business man who sent soft goods(mostly clothing) to the USA and told me he feared for his life since his best friend was murdered by Al-Qaeda  in a business hit. Try telling the American public to go without indulgence for a little while? Sacrifice the "cheap goods from China" for sparing American taxpayers what we've had to go through in raising the debt ceiling, more military expenses that lead to military reduction, now ISIS (in Crowley terms "ISIS rides on the back of the Beast" and other independent terrorist groups that can and may ensue... Just embargoing China until security measures are refined and executed may not be enough. Shutting down the EXIM Bank of the USA for a while will help diffuse the attacks in the next 5 years by hopefully cutting outsourced funding. Simply passing rules to stop or cut back on outsourcing work to China would also suffice without affecting the rest of our international marketplace in a large way.

milk What?  
In 2005, I returned and drew up a single cell cartoon that had then president, George Bush with his image projected at a "holo-port" an empty port by the beach and various off-the-grid small business startups Floating "day-by-day". I attached the cartoon to some hand screened tees I made saying "milk what?" As opposed to our common phrase "milk it for all it's worth" After I sent it in to our friends at the FTPO for a $600 registration and a laugh.
They needed to do it almost a decade ago. It hasn't stopped;- they have to cut USA funding @ EX-IM level. Must, not just sanction or embargo. 

My trip after the big tsunami in Thailand of 2005
So the gist of it was;- I was left on my own for 25 days. I had gone with the son of a prominent USA nuclear weapons scientist. He & I are both civilians and split up after the 5th day of a month long trip.  During that time I had few problems, got in hiking, kayaking, and regular partying and game playing. One day I was out looking for some sunscreen and lotion at a store. The store clerk had gotten a phone call and I understood someone was asking questions about what I was doing inside the store. That day I had also worn my PETA shirt I cut up for the beach (not exactly Diesel or Armani popular for this island). So I attracted a lot of attention from the Muslims on the small island. Due to the tsunami I was instructed to bring clothes I could leave behind, for sanitation and disease control
Upon re-entry to the USA. They said they'd kill even my cats if I didn't leave everything behind, because of biological warfare concerns. I brought a lot of volunteer work & campaign tees, and made few purchases outside of food and spa.

Anyway, when I left the store, I was approached by a man on a moped/scooted who offered a ride to me. I had been walking kilometers each day from my secluded homey resort. He persisted and so I finally accepted a ride. I climbed on the back of his scooter ( main transportation for tourists here)
He took me back to the preserve where I stayed most of my 25 days left.
This island I stayed on had a few backpacker places with rooms including bed and shower and then a plethora of international 5 star hotels without anything mid-range. I believed his story about being a business man from China who was born French-Muslim and did international Export/imports from China to countries around the world. I had met several like people & families from different countries on this trip. He told me his personal story to success and  shared what he did about his concern for his own life being put in Jeopardy by his friend recently having been assassinated by al-Qaeda.  

Monday, September 15, 2014

Exim bank USA close it!!!

So, today I went to the North Shore with my old Krav Instructor who has a decadently Chinese HawAiian background since his grandfather donated the land for the Chinese cultural plaza inChinatown  Honolulu. I have always felt he works against me because he hates Japan, despite out easygoing outward appearances together. And he asked me about the time I met Someone who was close to Ai Queda. I was in Thailand at the time;- a friend had asked me to go

The vicious cycle that supports Ai Queda and like organizations makes money from outsourced US business to China. Ai Queda members will kill others running business for American companies and then take the funds to support their terrorist organizations. Shutting down  USA EXIM in 2005 and forcing Americans to "make due with what got" for even a year or two back then would have cut funding to these terrorist groups. Instead they make money from our own "greed" and hit us in the back with military actions in the Middle East. I learned this from a Chinese -French Muslim business man who sent soft goods(mostly clothing) to the USA and told me he feared for his life since his best friend was murdered by Ai Queda in a business hit. Try telling the American public to go without for a little while? Sacrifice the "cheap goods from China" for sparing American taxpayers what we've had to go through in raising the debt ceiling, more military expenses that lead to military reduction, now ISIS (in Crowley terms "ISIS rides on the back of the Beast" and other independent terrorist groups that can and may ensue... Just embargoing China until security measures are refined and executed may not be enough. shutting down the EXIM Bank of the USA for a while will help diffuse the attAcks in the next 5 years.

After the big tsunami.
So the just of it was;- I was left on my own for 25 days. During that time I had few problems, got in hiking, kayaking, and regular partying and game playing. One day I was out looking for some sunscreen and lotion at a store. The stir clerk had gotten a phone call and I understood someone was asking questions about what I was doing inside the store. That day I had also worn my PETA shirt I cut up for the beach. So I attracted a lot of attention from the Muslims on the island. Due to the tsunami I was instructed to being clothes I could leave behind, for sanitation and disease control.
I brought a lot of volunteer work tees.

Anyway, when I left the store, I was approached by a man on a moped/scooted who offered a ride to me. I had been walking kilometers each day from my secluded homey resort. He persisted and so I finally accepted a ride. I climbed on the back of his scooter.
He took me back to the preserve where. I stayed most of my alone 25days.
So, since the island I stayed on had a few backpacker places and then a plethora of international 5 star hotels without much in between;- I believes his story about being a business man from China who was born French-Muslim.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Driving in Hawaii, from an East Coast perspective

Driving in Hawaii is one of Thee WORST experiences ever. Traffic on the island is miserable if you are almost out of gasoline or your AC isn't erotically cold.

Where to Start with my generalizations from my observations;

  • Drivers behind me don't ever, seem to try- braking, and rely on saying they were "cut off". I thought this was odd and it seems that in Hawaii;- there is some commonplace local only law that says one is responsible for the people driving vehicles in back of you.  This sometimes leads to that driver stalking you home and slashing tires or keying cars or starting a physical confrontation which are common knowledge stories to bring awareness to the local rule.
  • Drivers don't follow the 4 way stop rules and create chaos;- particularly at places where they have purposely ill managed pedestrian walks and a lack of stop lights and Walk/Don't walk lights.
  • It's about 50/50 on how many drivers Don't use turn signals
  • Right turns on Red to get across 4 one-way lanes, especially onto King Street in order to make the next left. They could have really used a lesson in city planning that included usage of Jug handles.
  • Bicyclists don't seem to understand that to ride in a car's blind-spot is not a good idea;- no matter how much they want to curse and key cars in Waikiki. 

Why Hawaii State needs No Fault Tort...
The pedestrians are chronically annoying walking slower than a snail. When they see a car coming, instead of walking briskly across the street or a marked pedestrian walkway, they stop in the middle of the street and try to stare down the driver. Some more athletic pedestrians attempt to crash into your vehicle as it passes through the pedestrian walk.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Teach Hawaii's children about the Mason-Dixon line!!!

Hawaii State seems to be a place that makes Foreign ideas of slavery acceptable to many residents because it is a temporary means to an end;- and serves the moment rather than their future. Hawaii State's school system and educators ares definitely tied up with the overthrown Hawaiian government by the USA and they haven't moved forward or learn much about those things that make America what it is.  Bringing Hawaii up to speed with their land/property laws, ideas of fixed rent/ say RENT CONTROL!!!, or maintaining a respectable society that isn't groveling at the feet of Foreigners with money.

Most of us from East Coast USA are used to going on school trips yearly, if not bi-annually to see the Liberty Bell, Constitution Hall, the Capitol Building, Monticello, Statue of Liberty, The Underground Railroad, Valley Forge, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier just to name a few places. This is something practically inaccessible and uninteresting to most of Hawaii's youth and their parents.

They also seem to NEVER have heard of the Famous Mason-Dixon line. The line that divided the Free states from the Slave states.  And the older Hawaiian residents argue, minus googling, about the location of it as if I have never seen it the hundreds of time I made the drive from my home state of PA to Washington DC as an intern or organizer.

Mason-Dixon Line, boundary between Pennsylvania and Maryland (running between lat. 39°43−26.3”N and lat. 39°43−17.6”N), 
Read more: Mason-Dixon Line | Infoplease.com http://www.infoplease.com/encyclopedia/us/mason-dixon-line.html#ixzz3CgiPbpbj


Japanese American woman perspective- APEC from the USA side

Today I' writing after much contention as it was my goal and intention to create more peace. The people working against me and the intentions of my Japanese grandfather Kikuchi, Hirokatsu who was a Governor in Japan's Akita prefecture. As his granddaughter, I should be protected under provisions made by the Vienna Convention. However, throughout my life the USA has detained me from leaving to Japan and China by not only squandering my accounts, damaging and not delivering mail, but cancelling my plane tickets as they see fit.
 I was asked to leave Hawaii for the East Coast USA springtime 2014. However, since the Patriot Act created this hostile environment on the East Coast for me with Homeland Security;- I am unable to accomplish even small tasks and am fearful for my life.

 In the past near decade I have been assaulted financially, physically, politically, sexually by those who claim to work for the United States government, Navy, Army, Marines, CIA, not excluding US politicians with private interest in starting a war between Japan and China.   This includes men who claim they are connected to President Obama's personal security when President Obama visits the Hawaiian  Islands.  The total of the damage has left me poverty stricken & homeless in Hawaii since I was forced into the Hawaii Bar scene by a federal agent from a well known Hawaiian/Chinese family;- who also behaved as a pimp taking all of my earnings for most of 2 years; in order to instigate future lawsuits due to his family's pre-existing problem that compromises his role in a Security requirement of good credit. This is all despite my role within my international family & USA at Hawaii's hosted Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) 2011;- goal; to bridge and connect Japan &; USA (TPP) in a more peaceful way for a new generation of business leaders.

My daily life in Hawaii is less than desirable. Most of the 3rd & 4th generation Asian-Americans in Hawaii still speak with a speech impediment and out rightly show their Hatred of New York and laugh at the demise of the city for 9-11. I still wonder how it is that these people are even acceptably American as they direct their hatred at me for being raised on the East Coast. I may have been born with dual citizenship;- however I actually find New York state more of a home than other places on the Urban east coast. If I were to reside in Hawaii;- I would want to see already proven senators and representatives from Urban America make a run in Hawaii to bring it up to a modern speed. The antiquated Asian slavery and rights system this state still upholds in reality is heartbreaking.
Many of the "well off" Hawaiian families seem to sponsor Asian "mail order brides" and choose to work overtime on destroying sexual equality at most levels of their society. Personally for me as an American woman who lived with a female Republican senator who passed Roe Vs. Wade;- The business climate in Hawaii is incontestably sexist and harmful to my psychological and emotional health. Hawaii's business climate does not allow for differences to work to a greater end goal. It is very much about men controlling the women who have business interest. And, then the women here are petty and undermine each other due to jealousy and small mindedness. The men here have no respect, and most of the women here are bent into subservient Asian roles;- where even politicians are largely swayed to vote on bills by 'Cultural' preferences instead of American standards of equality and decency. I don't care to live in a state run by a Japanese-American 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Turn of 2000 millenium: on USA progressives and organizations (draft)

  • In my synopsis;- I personally do not consider Caucasian women a minority group. The reasons for this is that they typically gain power by promoting values of suppressive groups in order to hold status. In charitable causes;- some of these women are housewives who have no immediate international family or have a working interaction with policymakers and business personnel. These women whom I have met hold racist values against non-white women and make significant attempts to derail some business initiatives out of spite and perceived nationalism.
  • Progressive organizations are typically run by a majority U.S. "racial" group
  • Have typically used minorities as unpaid volunteer workers and do not improve their individual situations by offering minimal pay scale wages.
  • Organizations run on an Image of Ideals and having these minorities join forces to support the organization.
  • In theory a reputable organization that upholds its values would need to be perceived as "revolutionary" since there is little to no funding available for "start-up organizations". In concurrence with this, it is nearly impossible for 1st generation minorities to gain suitable representation with the Patriotic stigma that has been created since 9-11 in foreign policy. This includes the Patriot Act and its revisions as well as the Foreign Agents act. 
  • These policies in and of themselves negate the US Constitutional ideals. The perceived enforcement of the Patriot Act and Foreign Agents act also contribute to a political Hostage situation in the USA of 1st generation dual USA/other country citizen(s) that creates boundaries in living everyday life to the fullest in the USA as a citizen. Even with travel abroad;- the USA's policies threaten their own citizens abroad. 
  • There is also a high level of disagreement between USA and other nation(s) as to the citizen status of various individuals- these various individuals being made out to be foreign agents or "different people with fake identities" by the US . government in order to instigate political upheaval within otherwise peaceable political settings and treaties.
  • "Invaluable to the Community" means that the suppressive groups that these progressive organizations join forces against turns into a dichotomy and tracking system of minority group women, 1st generation Americans, and others.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Honolulu Police Department- a private security organization "abducted me"

Honolulu, Hawaii-
The Honolulu Police Department seems to be a private security company that operates within various Counties such as Honolulu County in Hawaii. Though nostalgic, the Honolulu Police Department is not a typical State run police department. The HPD does seem to be a biased group of security/police officers who manipulate visitors/tourists such as myself in order to extract funds, extort families, and create international incidents after arrival to the Hawaiian islands. Some of the members of this police department and their outside associates have access and knowledge of who arrives in the islands and their relationships internationally, and are able to detain tourists without much effort or need of using any typical uniform or badge.

The case of reporting incidents to the HPD;- It appears that reporting is "accepted" however, records are conveniently lost, misplaced, renumbered, and altered by the HPD itself. This is in addition to any "appropriate" procedure that they may have in place being followed (meaning whatever they seem to see fit in doing at the time).

In the case of some serious felony incidents committed by members of the US Armed Forces;- I have found HPD to be part of that boys club. Instead of assisting a small female while bearing witness to an attack;- HPD will sit idly by and watch in amusement as if aiding the attacker/potential murderer. They claim they have the right to do this because they have no "liability". HOWEVER, they intervene as they see fit and are able to kidnap/arrest the victim of such a crime if the victim does not comply with their HPD demands of accepting huge hospital bills. So, in essence, if the victim does not survive;- HPD is in fact not a "good Samaritan" organization and in fact will assist the US Government in assassinating civilians and classify such attempts as "domestic abuse" without felony charges. I went through this this year of 2013.

HPD and my attackers have cost me my life's happiness and livelihood since my arrival to the Islands in 2009 for a 1 month vacation. This began with one of the police/federal agency/military security trainers picking me up from the airport, telling me they would force me to commit 'seppuku', and that they are looking for employment with my Aunt and Uncle 竹中、abroad. As a result of their "private policing" they have stolen/extorted most of my money that I earned after they put me into work at a Club 939 as a dancer/stripper for over 3years. I was left only with money to cover rent and minimal groceries after obtaining a cheap used upright piano. HPD and its associates--which encompass some old boys club is an atrocious organization that should not exist to police the civilian world.

 I have learned from other women on the Island that this HPD organization gains from the corrupted network of attorneys who compromise attorney-client privilege for consistent financial gain. This entire network seems that it needs to be torn down like a legitimized crime syndicate and have some restructuring in the 50th U.S. State that is more Constitutional.

In my case, I was tracked down online and before my arrival in Hawaii--where I was coerced into a relationship that was unwanted (some say I was abducted by the Security officers). This is now my 5th year on the Island of Oahu. I was a reputable piano instructor in NY and Pennsylvania, as well as a business/executive consultant. I am now emotionally and financially exhausted from these vigilante security officers damaging my career life and causing injuries to me.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

More "death threats" from Hawaiian community to me, of "Imperial Japanese" blood

I have 48 hours to make everyone who needs money on this island happy. That's all I was told.
Bad tingly feeling in my neck for past 8 hrs. the one feeling that says there is trouble.
All who know the island's politics and corruptness knows, that Hawaii State and its inhabitants deserved the M-16's at APEC 2011 because of how illegal the average culture and person is on this island.
Much peace to all who have shed light. Don't be my enemy...don't kill or harm...yet fight the good fight.
APEC, Good Works, Everything TPP...good luck... AMK out.

Military State Precedent

Less than 180 days, maybe 100 days away. Hawaii State Family Court oversaw judgement and forceable agreement that a 1st generation US citizen is required to leave the State. Agreement came due to physical and emotional duress (only disputable in like court system in Hawaii State) at the Will of a NSA and security training operative and Israeli trainer, like Mossad, and US Federal Agency combat trainer.

A 1st Generation US citizen and representative of the United States of America is formally and legally bound, due to other "disputable circumstances" due to fortune of Military and Homeland Security exploitation of citizen and duty to uphold their personal financial integrity to the United States of America... Beginning of precedence of Military State Totalitarianism. Despite any citizenship or correlation with any higher powers on the planet earth including GOD.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Ultimate Mountain Apples Smoothie

Back to the drawing board.  Flowery, light, and sweet-- I made my first Ultimate Mountain Apple smoothie last night. The Mountain apples are so ripe and falling off trees. They smell like a light floral perfume that quickly dissipates and burst in a bite with subtle and pleasant sweetness and juice.
My smoothie this morning has changed after 17 years of the Ultimate Meal (that I have neglected for a 2 year stint here in the Hawaiian Islands.
All good. Back on the Ultimate Meal again...after Detoxing most of 3 weeks. Though I cheated last night with some Indian Tikka Masala Eggplant and Kashmiri naan...Oh the eggplant issue-- past Nightshade turned to modern GMO natural pesticide producing plant. I should be feeling better again in a few days with Intense vegan nutrition. Yes. In the meantime... less tampered with fruits like Mountain Apples and Avocado R 4 me.

Monday, August 05, 2013

Vegan combatting allergies

I, a vegan for over 20 years, just finished a series of 3 colon hydrotherapy sessions ($85/session) over a 3 week period at Island Health & Beauty Clinique. I may return 1x a month or quarter. On week 2, I started taking 560-1120mg of Activated Charcoal ($9.99/bottle) daily. At end of 3rd session, I began taking Bentonite clay ($12/bottle). I picked up both  the Nature's Way Activated Charcoal and Great Plains Bentonite (liquid) at the Vitamin Shoppe. No bad reaction to either Charcoal or Clay of them and am easing into "detoxifying" my system from pesticides and other chemicals for another 3-4 weeks. In theory, this should help me regain my tolerance for certain chemicals and laundry detergents that are commonplace in American society, building allergies aside.

What I've changed in my diet in the past 3 weeks being vegan for 20+ years:
I've limited my Wheat intake, despite Gluten/Seitan being a major protein source. Switching to fermented Soy in Tempeh and Natto.

Drinking lots of lemon water, sometimes with chocolate mint or mint.
Drinking Aloe gLoe...just because it's low calorie.

Stopped drinking or cut back on Coffee-- since it contains heavy pesticides. Though there are Local Hawaiian coffees that are sold in bags marked "pesticide free" everywhere,  even at the Walmarts on Oahu.

Just a few more weeks to go. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What's Holding me Back with the Business- Any Success

People ask me why it is I have worked so hard, only to have nothing. The most prominent reason is that I have not had the right men in my life (particularly boyfriends). There is great difficulty that I am faced with in trying to establish myself internationally. From my life on the East Coast and around Ivy Leaguers, I'm just some "poor ethnic" female to be exploited. No, i can't say any of the men I've met on the East Coast have done my life any international good (Business-related) because of their racist and sexist attitudes. I have no tolerance for these "progressives" and have even less for those who aren't even close to being "Ivy League progressive".

The men I've met in Hawaii are sexually interested to the point where simple harassment is actual sexual assault in a minor way. So, I have no use for these men either. Then, I have to put up with them insulting my life further for their belief and "traditionally Asian" value system of making sure there are few if NO Japanese female executives.

I'm being drowned in a sea of sexist men for whom I have no liking for, though I am expected to tolerate them for purposes of political civility. Probably a reason why my mother lied to Japan so much about our actual conditions of living on the East Coast.

Then throw in all the "white women" who tell me to "lighten up."... They are threatened by my good genes in aging and quickly oust me out of their community for their own insecurities. This is something even my real Aunts don't have to tolerate in Japan with predominantly Asian women and men around.

So, it seems that my existence alone is threatening enough to my so-called friends and foes in the USA alike. Let alone them actually stepping out of their comfort zone and having to put some faith in believing that I have a large and powerful international family that was/is willing to give me, a female, a rare opportunity in the Export-Import world. My "fellow" Americans are ruining what the American Dream and rights and liberties are about because of their Bigoted (if not war-like) actions and words;- by holding the metaphoric gun to my head. I have had no portion of my life that I can keep sacred away from the vulgar American public interactions I have daily. I am very weary of all of this, for the name of what? Peace? It certainly doesn't seem that anyone in the USA who I have met wants much Peace. They seem damn proud that they Nuked my mom's country  and mine of Japan when she was still in it. Their distaste shows in my deteriorated life. For that they are proud.

From my perspective, they are all sorry creatures-- my past boyfriends, friends, and enemies... for not wanting to EVER believe that they destroyed what they think is improbable--if not damn near impossible to occur for a more peaceable (not war-like) world.

Hillary Clinton never spoke about helping American-Japanese Asian women like me. She only spoke about helping 3rd world farm working women. For that, I think, the USA is bogus since they will rarely--if ever help an "ethnic Asian woman" in the USA. Especially helping me with a large trans-national family doing business.

Rosicrucian and Depopulation of the Planet -- Introduction.

I grew up less than a mile from the actual 1940's Rosicrucian ceremony grounds in Bucks County, PA. My mother taught me that these people would shoot me because I'm half Japanese and half US Caucasian mix. And, throughout my life well into adulthood, They have attempted to kill me, as the Rosicrucians' founder's grandson (Lee Clymer) was a neighbor (with his wife Cathy Clymer) to me on the street I grew up on. You can find a blurb on these Rosicrucian in the "Atlas of Secret Societies by David Barrett ." This Rosicrucian Sect have been referred to as an abusive sex cult and have been ostracized from other Rosicrucian sects in the USA for their white supremacist views and practices. They also murdered my brother in 2005 in our backyard (we are both of half-Japanese nationality).

  1. My brother told me (2004) that Lee Clymer made him work extra to CNC machine custom guns that the Rosacrucians white supremacist network sold and ran privately throughout the USA. This may or may not be part of some ultimate plan to decrease the world's population. But none the less it is heinous. There are also Federal/CIA agents and their counterparts who seek to promote drugs through these networks of Rosacrucians and their wanna be's.
  2.  The Rosacrucians Clymers are related to Representative Clymer (PA) --and have close ties to Cheney. They use "divide and conquer" and many other tactics to smokescreen their white supremacist traditional values (that may go back to Hitler).
  3. They also forced my brother to work for the Quakertown, PA irradiation plant @2002-2004 through a temporary employment agency (to cover up). They already knew that we were not supposed to be near radioactive materials. They then labeled my brother a terrorist trying to obtain uranium (in a cobalt reactor) and sent their slews of Illuminati/white trash junkies to barrage me and my brother with more murderous attacks. 
 Personal notes and their abuse never ends
  1. Over the years growing up, I'm also quite sure they use mind-control protocols and that I've been exposed to their abuse throughout my childhood. I went through an intense period after the hypervigilant activist side of me emerged after leaving Quakertown and being politically torn at the age of 17 in my 1st semester Ithaca College dorm room and ignored.
  2.  And, I had inherited land/house there from my Great Grandmom Kelley as I'm part Kelley, but they have turned me into one of their "Indigent Ethnics" as they so proudly rub in my face as they have completely decimated happiness in my life over the past 30+ years. I became an activist in High School. I later dedicated my time to fighting "the good fight" and learning from whoever I could who has skills to battle with these people. However, I have to say "C.B. you were right!!!!" They attacked me when I returned to my hometown, and I barely escaped with my life... and a duffel bag of clothes to Hawaii. I still have near nothing as I'm attacked by others who feel that they will have a place within the USA military orders if they harm me here in Hawaii.
Anyway, financially decimated and physically harmed... I'm still here.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tropical Storm Flossie Strengthens, Heads for Hawaii

Flossie, "One of 19 named storms that have approached the Hawaiian Islands since 1957."

Toxicity N Me -- I'm just a US government human guinea pig

Over the past 3-4 weeks, I have been extremely sick compared to anything I have experienced in the past 10 years.  Since I am already eating a plant based diet for over 25 years I kept my body as chemical free as possible. It seems that I'm not the only one on the Island who has, since late June 2013, had respiratory problems. I have heard about the Government dumping Chemtrails for use of HAARP and weather modifications since I have been trying to find a cure for my severe allergy problem I have been trying to hide for the past 7 years that started to get progressively worse since I worked for Evaluation Engineering magazine in for Nelson Publishing in Venice, Florida in 2000. It started with a severe building allergy that made me turn down a new position at the physical office.
  • July 2, 2013- Rash/hives
  • July 6-7, 2013- possible food poisoning- nauseated, headache, fatigue
  • July 9-12, 2013- Sick and slept 18+hrs straight have joint pains
  • July 13-14, 2013- Laryngitus (from coughing a dry cough for past few weeks)
  • July 15-21, 2013- Irregular menstration only 16 day cycle
  • July 23-27, 2013- someone kicked my knee-- pain
  • July 22-26-- extreme fatigue 

I was already near full toxicity when I was a child. My mother was 3 years old in Japan when Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed. The use of DDT in their farming methods and water systems
was common then. My family overseas in Japan and the doctors in Philadelphia all suggested that my diet be plant based by the time I was about 8-9 years old.
And some things that should cause an immediate reaction are encapsulated by my body for periods up to 7 days before I have reaction.
Here are a few things that I am intensely allergic to:
RECENT ALLERGIES with noticeable but not debilitating anaphylaxis reactions (past 2 wks)
Airwicks- air freshner
air inside GNC at Alamoana-- may have air freshner in ventilation -- severe allergic reaction within 1.5 min of being inside. Within 5 minutes I experienced extreme tearing of my eyes and closure of my breathing/throat so that talking was very difficult. Cleared up after 15 min outside of the store.

  • The use of different normal laundry soaps such as Tide, Gain, and Era all cause Anaphylaxis type reactions for me. 
Once @ 2010 I gave someone who volunteered to do my laundry at his house, a bottle of Dr. Bronner's to wash my clothes in. He brought back my clothes and hung them in my bedroom closet. That night when I went to sleep my eyes were tearing profusely and I couldn't breath.
I called him on the laundry soap switch. He apologized and re-did my laundry since I said I basically have to throw out my entire wardrobe.
  • Cleaning products in stores on shelf as well as when store is being cleaned.
 Back in 2003-2004 I already had a noted sensitivity to Wegman's and other large stores that have near cityblock long aisles of cleaning products on the shelves. Back then I could only spend 15-20 minutes inside these stores shopping. And that time was reduced if they were doing regular cleaning for the floors.

  • Dust mites, moldy produce sections at the grocery stores, Hawaii's molds- result in Rash or Hives

  • Pakalolo/Kine/Marijuana/Weed/Buds

To be continued

No Pakalolo-- please.

Trying to find an "affordable" living situation in Hawaii that allows a person to live and make deposits to their savings and trading accounts possible is difficult. Now throw in tolerating housemates who smoke DA Kine, Pakalolo, Marijuana. It's even more difficult to live around my potential allergic outbreaks of Anaphylaxis shock. My eyes immediately become uncontrollably pained and tear as if I had some extreme chemical exposure from warfare. My interior throat becomes tight, closed, and itchy as I begin to gasp for air. My nostrils become itchy and I may begin a sneezing fit if I can breath enough.
Yet my housemates find this difficult to believe. So, aside from letting them send me to the Emergency Room by exposing myself to the Girl's weed habit... I can only hope she moves out next month and takes her smoker's tooth colored glass bong along. But, since she's a "respectable Filipino" who is on a respectable rowing team here in Hawaii (12 years my junior) The Girl's disrespect lingers to me as she justifies it with her short Washington D.C. stint at the Hawaiian State legislature. And feels justified in being extra rude to those around her (in daily parking habits and other ways). Mind the fact that the first time I met her, she was smoking cigarettes and sitting in filth on a pigeon poop covered bench. My first impression of her was completely disgusting. 0
           But she's Filipino-American and I'm just Japanese trash to her and her "respectable" Hawaiian family who do well for themselves in the Hostess bar industry, and Insurance industries of Hawaii. I'm sure if her family knows, and as I've experienced with many of the older parents of people near my generation of Hawaii;;- they only laugh at newcomers and their families. This creates a wonderful atmosphere for decreased and stopped funding of all of my activities within Hawaii since my family and especially extended family chooses not to add to such an existing economy. Hawaii's feminism is severely contorted from the academic feminism I learned back in Ithaca, NY.

The Girl's behavior seems to be standard of Hawaii born.  I, being more cultured since my parents met in Tokyo, Japan and returned to settle in Philadelphia, PA. I am supposed to take pity on the locals who are 4th and 5th generation Americans and are "isolated" on these Hawaiian Islands. Though, I cannot pity their foolishness. They don't seem to have much established culture of their own and feel that ganging up on those of us who have other experiences from the East Coast. I still pray for solidarity from my home of New York, as well as some for my birth state of Pennsylvania even though I'm a first generation American.  I'm hoping the pakalolo out here in the Islands doesn't kill me from contact in the air. Trying to ask the locals not to smoke Pakalolo around me seems to be
too difficult for them to manage.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

180 days to go

July 22nd, 2013 at 8AM in the First District Court of Honolulu;- the ex-nuclear submarine engineer plead guilty to a charge of Harassment rather than waiting till July 24, 2013 for my appearance as a State witness in what HPD defied as "abuse."
This was the 4th very violent attack made on me by this young 26 year old man. Because of his security clearance, it seems that Hawaii and law enforcement have given him one year of leeway in all incidents that I have reported. This last incident involved me fighting for my life and for consciousness. And, he is a known drunk at bars and for being in fights.
The newly assigned Hawaii State prosecutor never contacted me regarding the case. She also refused to make time to discuss anything with me. Though this new prosecutor seems to be of Japanese descent, she also seems very biased against me as a 1st generation American who is of direct Japanese national descent. (I was advised of the hatred Japanese-Americans in Hawaii are veraciously against those of us who have a direct connection to Japan).
The public that has encountered and witnessed the attacks made on me by this Navy engineer put pressure on me in April 2012 to get a Temporary Restraining Order on the Navy Officer. The restraining order was granted in May 2012. The Navy engineer did many things in order to prevent the TRO from being known by his Commanding Officer. This included more than 6-8 months of his
behavior getting me thrown out of my apartments, having his fellow Navy Officers stalk me and take my phone, His damaging my working laptops and phones as well as many other personal belongings I had, and being verbally and mentally abusive to me for hours on end.
Hawaii State supports this behavior because of their need for men like him to feed their Hostess bar and Sex trade industries. It is a well known fact that the State encourages these men to absolute drunkeness so that they can collect more money in DUI's and other legal matters, as well as fining bars and their workers.  And, that the State supports "soft" sex slavery and human trafficking where women wind up stuck in Hawaii and the Law Enforcement does nothing to help protect women. In fact, over the course of the past 1 year and 4 months I have learned many TRO's are issued against officers of the Honolulu Police Department. Additionally, they target people flying into this island state through the forms that are required to be filled out on the plane (as if entering another country).
Furthermore, the network of Attorneys is not like the networks on the Mainland. It is in fact more exclusive as law firms and attorneys collaborate, organize, and manipulate their clients' legal conflicts of interest.  This is something that the local Courts overlook, as it is yet another way for this Island State to maintain some financial influx in this remote economy.
So, today, I broke down in tears because my previous lifestyle has been mostly decimated by the Military and Law enforcement community here in Hawaii. I have lost a tremendous amount of time, personal dignity, years of paid work, as well as my musical talent going to waste in this rotten and virtually un-cultured Island economy. I'm not certain as to how to re-establish my life, and on my own terms;- since this State of Hawaii has taken away the very things that made my life independent and respectable.
The only light is that;-  Hopefully, the Ex-nuclear engineer will be discharged from the Navy and the 12 or so nuclear submarine reactors will sit in Pearl Harbor and Hawaii's surrounding waters a bit safer.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Kikuchi is Chrysanthemum Land, not kuchi that USA rapes

My mother's family name straight from Japan is Kikuchi, 菊地。It simply means, Chrysanthemum Land. When I was a young child, before I was 6 years old and the Philadelphia doctors told me my biological mother from Japan was dead, I was schooled in the horrors of rape as a young international.
This is what the USA thinks of me. This is what the USA thinks of me as a female. I was politically torn (aka Raped) by many people of the USA before they made me involuntarily become a USA national by their default laws. So, as a young dual citizen, this is what I was taught the USA is to Japan. A body of white United States Americans who disrespect me in the highest form. And, to date, this seems to remain true. I was raised in Bucks County, PA not even a mile away from the Clymer family's establishment called the Rosacrucians. They had a hand in my sister's and brother's ultimate demise. The Clymers are USA political allies with the Cheney family.
It is not a conspiracy. It is simple United States politics. I am an unwilling participant and my parents put me through this so that they could maintain their position in the United States of America's political climate.
I have no protection. I did manage to live with an old New York State senator who was Vice President of Cornell University;- she was my mentor. Her help is why I'm barely clinging to survival here in Hawaii. Hawaii is the worst climate for a professional international female that I have ever lived in in my ENTIRE life. This state needs to change for the positive.

However, they say I should be more Christian and "Forgive" all the men who rape and will rape me in the USA because they bombed the very country;- with atomic weapons, that my heritage is from.

I have no reason to continue since I have no personal benefit at this point in time. And, if the USA riff raft of USA military and Legal bodies continue to treat me as such;- I can only hope for their demise since I don't wish this type of life on anyone. Though, I wish they could experience the Extreme magnitude that they have exposed me to;- only in their personal lives and loosing their loved ones who cannot be replaced by any TV set or appliance that they could purchase.

APEC, Security, & Hawaii State 1st District Court Honolulu

So, for whatever reason, the Hawaii State prosecutor was against me and continues to be against my existence, as most matters in the Hawaii State 1st District Court of Honolulu have been Handled. This morning I appeared as a witness, who didn't receive a subpoena and only a letter, because the Prosecutor is trying to throw me in Jail (for not appearing) since I am from a large Japanese family and she seems to have a complex because I don't have as much acne as she does.  The Hawaii State 1st District Court has made judgements against my Civil rights since last year. This morning was no better. They have upheld everything from my being wrongly thrown out of my living space, to letting members of the U.S. Military and intelligence community make murder attempts on me. I am the last blood family member who can actually bridge one small Export-Import gap between APEC's newly considered Trans-Pacific Partnership member nation of Japan and the United States for the next generation. I attended some of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation meetings in November 2011 and had to walk into the Highly secured Waikiki meeting protected by gunmen with M16's.
Given the actions of Hawaii State Police aka, Honolulu Police Department, the U.S. Navy, and the U.S. Army as well as actions taken against my life by other member(s) of Homeland Security (which are ongoing). I have recently been warned that I will not be able to leave Hawaii alive and that I will be killed on my plane flight out of here since there are human traffickers who are against everything that I stand for and have much to loose. Additionally, I have been warned that Homeland Security and I.N.S. may deport me as a "Sex slave" in order to complicate international politics further. They have already destroyed my life in the past 1.75 years especially here on Oahu.
 I think that most Military and Law enforcement bodies in Hawaii are trying to uphold their stake in illegal activities within the Hawaiian Islands. And, it is my sincere belief that they are trying to further the exploitation and sale of Asian women, including myself, since that is where monies for the Hawaiian tax base and payoffs to the legal/law enforcement community are found so they can maintain their security clearances.
Just a thought. Japan 2013 and APEC as well as a Japan National "NSA" style security setup being implemented are still not going to save other USA - JAPAN security agreements that have been  ignored since Hiroshima was bombed.\\

In all honesty, I know that the locals of Hawaii don't behave any better than the Mainland biggots who have power. However, they are a detriment to the future of minorities who may need to relocate from Hawaii to other racially biased places of the USA.

Saturday, June 29, 2013


The true reason for hackers watch you through hacked friends' and contacts' on social media is most likely a legal reason.  It is extremely, I mean extremely difficult to obtain restraining orders. And, The more friends/contacts you have, the more portals there are for 1x use. It was difficult for me to get a restraining order since the hacker got into one of my friends' accounts to monitor my activity, posting, photos, etc. Additionally, there are many "dummy" accounts that Feds and related security agents set up in order to join your social networking site. So, every once in a while it is really healthy to cleanup your contacts if you don't remember the person, or are just adding for adage sake.  The intelligence/security team online hacks IMDB/Facebook/ other accounts with any associated emails. Addresses, phone, accounts can be hacked. They can track and trace anyone. Additionally, they may have extra access to your living space, security boxes at banks, and other "low security" areas of your life such as work lockers, locked car, etc. And, it may become frustrating when they take your ID's and credit cards from your home only to return them later to your safe deposit box. As a good friend of mine once told me... It doesn't matter if "they" know,  what matters is that you know.

PHONE-- beware when: battery dies rapidly

Additionally, Security Agents who may be acting on their own selfish behalf, can easily sting your  phone or handheld for tracking and monitoring. Typically this is noticed by a quickly depleting battery. The Army agents I spoke with advised not to carry Samsung Galaxy due to ease of planting viruses/bugs with a simple swipe of a phone. Other tactics to direct your phone, ipad, or other device to a site that will bug/virus your computer include changing the QR  code sticker at a place that you might frequent or on the computer screen of the page you are swiping.  There doesn't seem to be much that is capable of preventing this from happening. However, there are some "suggested" apps that can be downloaded (HEHEHEHEHEH evil laughter) to limit access to your phone, and scan it for viruses. Plus you have to encrypt your phone (which may require your own software designer).

Essentially, the only real protocol is to obtain a new phone and number and hope the hacker can't hack your phone provider account. (GOOD LUCK~!!!!) You will have to shut down any and all current pages on Facebook, and other social media sites. This is because accessing the sites on new and untraceable computers/phones/handhelds will give your "Security Agent" hacker a trail to follow you. The security agents try to force people into doing this, only to set up a new account with your name and contacts for their use.

I'm writing this from Oahu Hawaii.  It is an ISLAND economy.  It's about as controlled as any environment gets, and the Security Agents here as well as Hospitals, etc.  exploit those who arrive on the island for everything including any insurances you carry since it creates revenue. I've heard too many stories of people and families who traveled to Hawaii never to return from their vacation. And, it's happened mostly due to some accident or calamity. It was not due to Hawaii being the cheery vacation place that we think of in our minds (despite some of the lies to save face). Hawaii is very much like Africa. There are the super wealthy and then many struggling for survival being compromised by an influx of mainland homeless being sent to the Islands as an act of compassion.

It's fairly hopeless. Yes.

Dummy phones that allow you to dial 911 seem like an objective choice. Not a great one since even the way NCIS (Navy Criminal Investigative Services) present an ID a 3 yr old could make on the computer and can appear like Christian Sex traffickers around Honolulu, Hawaii.

Someone hacked the hacker and traced the Hack's signal back to an Airhanger in Waianae, HI.

So, my update on the REALITY of being in Hawaii 1.5years after the 2011 APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) meeting that I would have attended in full if my "Security agent" menace hadn't taken most all of the monies I make. I received a blessing gift so that I could attend the ABAC portion of the meeting before Japan decided to join APEC the following day.

I landed in Honolulu at HNL airport on Feb 1, 2009 before the Lehman Bros. fiasco going on back home. This was supposed to be my bi-annual 1 month vacation. One Month. period. Story in Short;- A federal agent or shall I say Security Contractor who tracked me down on YouTube and Hapa.com met me at the Airport. Yep. All over after that. My one month plans got sunk in 20 minutes as he was a cold, unemotional, A-HOLE extraordinaire with a Keeanu Reeves type action figure voice going.
Nearly 3 years later in October 2012, I was woken up with the presence of 2 Army officials (E9) at the door of the place I was staying @  6:00Am. They requested that all household members that could, file for a Civilian Restraining Order on the above mentioned "Security agent".  Noone in the household knew the prior history between myself and the Security contractor. So, after spending a chunk of the week trying for their TRO, I reluctantly applied for TRO at the request of an official Army Investigation. The TRO hearing dragged out for nearly a full 6 months with the Defense going through every menial text message ever sent in a nearly 300page stack of communications. Reluctantly, due to time and other financial and life threatening events that occurred during the course of the Temporary Restraining Order hearing, I requested a dismissal with a meager settlement of less than 1% of the monies I earned that were extorted from me by the Security Contractor.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Personal Diary Summary June 10, 2012

So, here's my Hawaii update (over 6 years after I was told to leave the USA permanently due to the Patriot Act & revisions)and  on the anniversary of my sister's death.
For the past 3 years since I've been in Hawaii, I have been unable to receive international phone calls for 2 years. Additionally, I have received almost 0 phone calls from anyone other than my "Krav Maga" Instructor, it seems as if my phone was practically blocked from being able to receive other domestic calls for most of nearly 2 years. Since I have moved residence in my 3rd year, It has only lasted 2 months and my work has vanished in almost all entirety. Mostly due to the combined though maybe not coordinated efforts of retired & currently employed Navy men who have basically put me in a homeless status and financially crippled me while attempting to create numerous "lawsuit" type legal issues that have have me engaged till November 2012 now.
Aside from knowing numerous CEO's of companies and other substantial US families also known as some of the "Clinton Boys" who will go unnamed at this point;- none of them have assisted me in any way since prior to 9-11. They have also not made any effort to assist me and rather chose to complicate and put my life in knowing Jeopardy over the past 14years.

Their perspective to me is something I will try to explain below.
In a confused way they see m have treated me like an outsider because of my race alone. On the other hand, they make a mockery of me because I do speak English well and have not learned Japanese because they would not let me speak with my mother for many years, and I have almost no family support. Note: many of the people I speak of have support from their relatives and extended families. Basically, it constitutes an entirely abusive environment in which I have had to endure complete humility. Additionally, they afford me no protections in my identity and use my identity against me to further their political goals. My life is so terse it is difficult for me to convince anyone that my story is also true in any way. Most Americans, Military and non military resort to "belief" like in Santa Claus, rather than actual provable facts as to my relatives and other trans-national issues that they have created. It is humiliating. And, racism/nationalism as these other US citizens like to use against me, and to degrade my person for not being "white" enough in every way is something that is used from coast to coast by most people.
Additionally;- where they make exception to help other people in business stops with me. They have no intention to respect me as a person, woman, international business contact, or fellow American. In fact they condemn me to the lower levels of life by their actions, sins, and other beliefs about what they think I should be due to circulation of images similar to mine in other entertainment devices. And, the "Security" people who exist have extorted or robbed me of any monies that I had to keep my life secure. This is due to their "responsibility" to themselves and their security position to keep their "Financial Credit" healthy. And so, this continually puts me in an adverse position where my life's safety is compromised and they look like "hero" Internationally to the name of Homeland Security and other Security that they train, etc.
This is aside from numerous physical injuries that I have incurred as a result of such "security" personnel who were not wanted in my life to begin with, from the time I arrived in Honolulu, Hawaii. These person(s) also see themselves as furthering their cause and employment by creating a demand for needed "security training" by creating security issues (this seems needless to say, as this is how most USA jobs function).
As far as understanding "friends", I have found none so far. The matters that concern me in my life at this time are extremely life threatening in both long and short term scenarios. My safety & business is currently completely compromised. That is aside from my father's old CIA contacts doing direct harm to my immediate family, and particularly myself-- through my identity, professionalism, and physical person.
I am in such a compromised position at this point, I cannot go further and achieve the goals set forth for me and skill sets I have had to develop over my lifetime in order to build a larger and international business. I also do not know that I can personally endure any more humiliation from the USA;- whether intentional or accidental because the rate of control over my life seems too great for me to overcome. I am one person who has had to try and overcome many different international and domestic enemies in my homeland the USA. My life seems near expiration without serious help from my relatives abroad. Especially since the Patriot Act has redefined my position as a 1st generation USA citizen.  That's all I can summarize tonight.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

My Debtor-Landlord & How I was thrown on street by court

Summary- how the Hawaii Court does not and cannot protect my basic Civil Rights:

1. I paid my May 2012 rent in full on May 1st that included Utilities.
2. The Electric to the Penthouse Apt was shut off on May 1st 2012 by the AOAO
3. I waited 1 week for the matter to be resolved by my landlord.
4.  I filed a complaint in District Court May 8th about an Illegal Utility Cut-off due to tenant to which there should have been a decision.
5. Hawaii Court Commenced a hearing on May 16th and continued the hearing for June 6th to which there should have been a decision made sooner by the Hawaii State law.

Recovery of possession limited (TURNING OFF UTILITIES) - Section 74.5. The
landlord shall not recover or take possession of a dwelling unit by the willful interruption
or diminution of running water, hot water, or electric, gas, or other essential service to
the tenant, except in case of abandonment or surrender.
A landlord who engages in this act shall be deemed to have engaged in an unfair
method of competition or unfair and deceptive acts or practices and subject to penalties
under 480-3.1 in addition to a minimum penalty of three times the monthly rent or
$1,000, whichever is greater. (from website:  http://hawaii.gov/dcca/ocp/landlord_tenant/landlord-tenant-handbook.pdf  on June 3, 2012)

6. Since the hearing the litigation in the building between my landlord and AOAO made it unbearable for me to stay at the Apt without electricity. Also, there was a neighboring Electrical fire on morning of Friday the 18th of May that woke me up.
7. My lease was terminated due to legalities.
8. I moved the last of my things though my person could not live at the Condo/Apt building any longer.
9. Since The court made no decision and I was unprepared for such disruption to my life that involved intense conversations & litigation research, I was unable to prepare for another move on short notice
10. And, The AOAO turned the Electric back on after my lease was confirmed to be terminated.
11. So, I'm basically on the street since there are few if any persons who can help in an agreeable way.
12. Basically, it's like the court threw me out on the streets without consideration and I am being preyed upon for prostitution purposes;- or my safety is severely compromised. I refuse to live in a Homeless shelter since my freedom is regulated and will be further compromised.

13. Further hearing for the matter takes place in US Bankruptcy Court Hawaii in mid July when that court has time for hearing for my Motion to lift Automatic Stay so that the District Court can proceed on the Matter which should have been expedited in May. After Tomorrow's June 6th Hearing Date I have to make a request for the hearing to be continued till the Lift of Stay hearing has occurred. 
14. There are laws that should be protecting my rights, even under Federal Bankruptcy Procedure;- I feel it is the Judges Failure to recognize and pay heed to these laws that I am suffering out on the Streets (in a manner of speaking).

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I'm Getting tossed on the Streets by Hawaii & Federal Court

I'm living in Waikiki, my shortest tenancy in Hawaii to date. There's NOONE to actually enforce the "illegal utility shut-off" at my current residence, yet there is a Humane Society to provide Air Conditioning to the dogs and cats of Oahu. And, in theory;- there should have been some sort of protection for me as a tenant as this is a violation of my rights. And so, because I speak English, yet have no help to defend myself from the exploitation of my situation in the United States;- I'm getting tossed on the street It seems;- by May 31st, with only 22 days notice that have been absorbed by 22 days of court filing/research/consumer complaints, etc. And, includes 1 electrical fire on the Morning of Friday May 18th, 2012 in the PH-2 unit with an adjoining wall to PH-1 where I reside.

"Such conduct is deemed to be an unfair and deceptive act and practice and could subject the landlord to damages of a minimum of the greater of three times the monthly rent, or $1000 and an additional civil penalty from $500 to $10,000 for every day of violation." from website  http://hawaii.gov/dcca/ocp/landlord_tenant/res_lt_msg/7665.html

So, I have no relatives, no actual friends who can assist me, and am out of money. I will not live in a shelter situation. And, at this point;- this seems to be my exodus of Hawaii, the USA,  OR my Career choice that was my life;- I'm not sure which exactly.

Needless to say;- that I read in a US Bankruptcy Court Document that is related to this situation that the Representing law firm of the Housing Association of the Building where I currently reside today;- Has stated in their motion/docket that the landlord is helping me to "Defraud" their Association out of utilities while there is what is called an "Automatic Stay" that has been put in place to protect my landlord from Utility Cut-Off situation. I believe it's called Defamation of my Character/Libel per se and Malicious Prosecution against my District Court filed Ex Parte TRO against Unlawful Utility Cut Off that was filed the day before their Docket was filed in District Court.

So... Yes. I'm done with Hawaii. There is no remedy for my situation and I'm beyond fed up trying to live in the USA;- after everyone punished me for being related to some of Imperial Japan's past and Architectural Giants on the Globe.

You have killed me with nearly 40 years of discrimination and blatant human rights violations against my person, that no court or attorney would even attempt to protect. I will be dead before succumbing to a shelter or prostituting the streets of Hawaii. FED UP.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Unconstitutional to Who? My landlord's in Bankruptcy!!!

Moving day, I was so ecstatic to be moving from my old place and cutting my rent nearly in half in the Economy of April 2012. Little did I know, my NEW landlord was in bankruptcy.
I was aware that my landlord "may" be under foreclosure;- however I had an inexpensive room in a house on the market in a similar situation. I thought I'd be there for 1 month maybe two at first. I wound up living there for approximately 1 year until the sale of the house (approx. $682,000) was closed on.

I found out May 1st that my new landlord is indeed, in bankruptcy. And, in my searches through Hawaii's Supreme Court Library;- I have only found a few laws and cases that apply to private/personal leases and tenants taking landlords to court.

Plus, the electricity has been shut off since May 1st by the Association that runs the building. It's an older building so all of the utilities are not on separate lots. And, the Association/Board decided to try and force
anyone in the Penthouse apartment unit out of the unit by shutting off the utilities to the unit at the breaker box within the building. Keep in mind, the breaker box is indeed LOCKED.

Step 1.  After a nearly a week of discussion with my landlord in person I mailed a letter stating that I'd like the utilities restored.
Step 2. After his hearing with the Association in Federal Bankruptcy Court to have utilities restored;- the Association did not turn on the utilities. So I filed a petition(s) for TRO against Unlawful Utility Cut-Off as well as related "Claims for damages". Keep in mind, the landlord would possibly incur daily fines of $500 to $10,000 in Hawaii for not providing the basic hot water, electric, etc. (despite it not being his "direct" fault)

Step 3. The hearing for my case commenced yesterday May 16, 2012  as I feel I exercise my tenant rights despite under Hawaii District Court Landlord-Tenant Manual --The Landlord as the Debtor 365 (h)(1) "...the non-debtor tenant may elect to retain its rights under the lease."  And 365(h)(1)(A)(ii) specifically relating for my "quiet enjoyment, etc."

Step 4:  The initial "Ex Parte TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) against unlawful utility shut off" has an addendum TRO on it as "TRO for Harassment."   And, I was instructed by the Judge to file for a "Motion for a lift of stay" in US Federal Bankruptcy Court, in order for me to proceed in the District Court.
This has 2 SERIOUS problems:
1.  I reside at the same residence with my landlord in a separate bed/bath situation;- as it is a penthouse. 
2.  To file for a "Motion for a lift of Stay" is expensive ($150 file fee) as well as filing any and additional Complaint at ($293) without an attorney. And, I believe must be filed with 20 days notice to debtor-landlord.

Step 5:  Filing Motion for lift of stay as by Federal Procedure/Bankruptcy/9:1111 Motion for Relief:
- as I researched in the Supreme Court Law Library and also viewing the forms for Motion for lift of stay/Automatic Stay. I am not in a typical Creditor position for which these Motion forms seem to be intended. Though i may use terms "non-debtor tenant and debtor-landlord" I do not feel that it doesn't compromise my BASIC U.S. Constitutional Rights. And so I found that there is 9:335 Constitutional limitation on exercise of jurisdiction by bankruptcy court, and am wondering why in the world I, personally have to file for the Motion for lift of stay despite my landlord and his property falling under Title 11.
It seems unconstitutional to me to have to even subject myself to being potentially held in contempt of court at the Federal level when this is a case that should only be held at the State or District level. I feel that the very act of Filing for Motion for lift of Stay violates my individual Constitutional rights that are deemed "Limited" by the Federal Bankruptcy court.

I'm screaming inside since this happened yesterday. I feel so Violated by the Hawaii Court System and that they are ordering me to deny myself my basic Constitutional Rights and also to Due Process.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Japanese, War, Fighting.. a thought

When Japanese say that a country's people can fight, it is because Japan has battled them. And, it is talked about openly in different nations with different perspectives.

When people of other nations say that another particular country's people can fight, it may only be because they have heard a story of a battle. Though those battles may also be private and secret because they violate treaties in peaceful times. It is not on a world platform for others to discuss.

Yet many people scrutinize only Japan.

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Independent Think-tanker & researcher.Was adversely affected by the Patriot Act due to being the Niece of retired executive Y. Takenaka, & founding family of Takenaka Corporation,takenaka.co.jp Raised on East Coast for cultural understanding post Hiroshima. Survived since age 3 under care/safety of various USA executives. Though, she has relation to a USA great-uncle who received 2 silver stars for multiple landings at Iwo Jima, having served on the USS Langley. U.S. Gov instigated and upheld control and decimation of her actual life since childhood as a political statement and message to Japan. Ongoing difficulty..currently in critical condition in Hawaii.