Monday, February 08, 2016

Spider tropical bug Yuk

I very badly want to return to a northern, bug ridden environment like Hawaii. The spider bite is the 2nd one I've had in 6 years. These things make me cringe and not want to go back to where I was. 
The time I saw a brown fiddle spider in my room it was raining, and I didn't sleep at my 2bdr apt for more than days since I coated the place with diatomaceous earth. Ugh... Ugh... Can't stand this

Spider bite- tiny spider big welt

I got this bite 2 days ago. My joints hurt and I'm dizzy, felt a little nauseated. Total it's about 1.2"diameter on my but. I know it's a spider cause I could feel it crawl up my head after I was sleeping. No other apparent bites. Apparently I also passed out for a day and a couple people were worried about me. It's a big welt I've put body armor on, wintergreen eo and myrrh separately. Tiny spider though. 

Saturday, February 06, 2016

My Return To the East COast

My return to the East Coast is contingent on having sufficient protection. My Late brother's former boss and my old neighbors attempted to murder me on several occasions since his death. That is only coupled with Numerous racist remarks made by those who my brother falsely called friends- who clearly delighted in his death and persued killing me under their white supremacy of Bucks County and outlying areas. My family clearly to occupied with everyone else to take care of their own children being swamped by ugly uglier & what I compare to myself (being Hapa) as Inbred white supremacists.

Trans Pacific Protocol - Japan/ USA

Today I read the news, after heeding the calls of the Universe to quit my job and duck out of commoner site till Feb 4th, 2016. Today is Feb 5, 2016 still by Hawaiian time. The rest of the planet is already onto tomorrow.
Sadly with the delay of USA & Japan again, I read the news. That the Trans Pacific Protocol rim partners have 2 full years to make domestic preparations for the Agreement. I've read that the presidential Candidates for 2016/2017 are not completely for the TPP in the current state that it exists. Regardless, I personally am out of patience and time since this makes just over a Decade of waiting for me and getting pummelled by the varying opinions of individuals & groups residing within the borders of the United States. This started in 2005 with my overseas trip to Thailand I was not to return from, my return, the death of my brother, then my being abducted 2x in Pennsylvania and surviving multiple murder attempts on my life. Most people in the USA can't read or comprehend well, so I'm sure this article will be misread some.
Most of those I've met in the USA are against the TPP. They are against it so much that they destroy as much as they can (runs the gamut of White supremacists, Filipinos, African-Americans, Other islander ethnicity's & nationalities, Chinese, Other Asians, and anyone with a slight opinion or who wants to show their prowess with the larger opinionated groups).
I know that part of the USA's job is to bring down un-democratic nations. This includes Japan in whatever way the USA doesn't like it. That's the first cause. That's why I'm considered stateless when I travel abroad;- because the USA hacks my life away.
The USA Feds are more corrupt than anyone. Next are the Police who aren't penalized in anyway for re-directing politics to ends that will be unreconciled.

Hawaiian Islands 2/2009-2/2016

My time in the Hawaiian Islands has had some beautiful moments only pummelled by many Forced and unwanted other interactions.
  • I did attend Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation 11-2011 -- crawled in on my hands and knees instead of with considerable company prior to Japan announcement next day to sign TPP.
  • I did get a tour of all the Golf Courses from an alleged family friend.
  • I did take a Federal Agent also was a Police Trainer & Military Combat trainer to court at the prompting of the US ARMY military intelligence unit as I indicated that I would have before, but was in fear of my life.
It has been at the advise of a Japanese counsellor of mine that I wait to file complaints below since it is clear by the Track record of Honolulu Police Department that they do instigate much of the violence against women 1st hand on this island. That they and their friends directly profit in cash business of forced sex work.
  • Instead of destroying my image & professionalism in the International Business community- I'm surprised Honolulu Police didn't just kill me and bury me, as they are trying to skew the political view of me and my relatives in Japanese infrastructure. Or, it's really true and the Honolulu Police and their Federal friends are in charge of the crime families in the Hawaiian islands.

  • My time in Hawaii has been costly to the well being of my life as I still have to file serious Human rights violations/ complaints at this point. Due to the political nature of my life, I have kept only the most life threatening to me at the surface. There is much, much more I can no longer withstand.
    • I am waiting to make a formal complaint against the Honolulu Police Department to date.
    • I am waiting to make a formal complaint against the Federal Agent (also on Obama's security team)  to date.
    • I am waiting to make a formal complaint on Honolulu Prosecutor & Judges. 
    • I have taken the Federal Agent to Court when prompted by the US Army Military Intelligence, as I indicated that I would have before, but was in fear of my life.
    • I have been attacked by the Filipino Community.
    • I have been attacked by some members of the Hawaiian tribal community.
    • I have been attacked by the Chinese.
    • I have been attacked by the Koreans.
    • I have been attacked by the Vietnamese.
    • I have been attacked by the Mexican Maffia- issue went to court while HPD laughed at me and complicated matters more.

    Friday, February 05, 2016

    Dispensary competition Hawaii

    The people/businesses who tried to apply for their marijuana dispensary license in Hawaii before January 12-13, 2016 probably got their applications in. However, those who applied for their marijuana dispensary license afterward the 12th and in force, were subjected to a downed Hawaii State server and bottleneck issues. So now no one knows what happened to the applications;- which ones went through and which ones didn't. And there are apparently a ton of complaints about the downed server.

    One of the first people to get their completed application in was Dan Lankford who runs a multiple island chain store that provides indoor-growing supplies to home growers. I met Dan at Chuck Kauwe's place when Dan brought the Dabstars from Seattle for a quick bbq & oyster night coupled with a Ted's Pie on the Balcony. btw:-  Dan Lankford makes really great Salsa(vegan).
    Some other things I'm hearing besides the downed server sounding shady...for potential busts. Butane processed being on some federal list;- Most islanders couldn't afford a 70K-140k machine for co2 processed products. Nothing major in this 5.5bil dollar industry 6.5bil.

    So sick of Corporate USA

    Tough to say. 1 full decade. I grew up in one of the most long held republican districts in the entire United States since its inception. I was discriminated against from the time I was born and beaten up by several girls even as early as 3rd grade for being Japanese. Most of the community always in extreme & repressed denial of actual circumstances.  
    Things changed after the death of my brother. I met Justin & Amanda whose mother-in-law/mother at the time owned A Citigroup company called Primerica. That was 2006/2007, my brother's death and my credit and finances never saw the end of being shut out of regular service/phone calls/etc. My bank account in NY was pilfered by "new database services" and the monies were never returned to me. It's been a long decade with participation of Hawaiians who have their "own" banking system that they claim is separate from Citigroup and other large banking institutions. however;- they keep forcing me off-the-grid because they seem to be against my participation in anything domestic or international that preserves my life for the international export import field. They have been hard at work on destroying me for over 10years. They think that my parents have say, when my parents have the least say in my international family. However;- I can't function at this minuscule capacity much longer. I am exhausted from being ill treated by the Hawaiians & big corporate. They all know what damage they are doing...

    Friday, January 29, 2016

    My Dictionary - decade update

    So, It's been an unbelievable decade since I've actually updated "My Dictionary"
    A long forgotten relic that needs many additions in my unpopular blogoshpere. One corporate animal is on my mind. It includes the big Banking system ( particularly in the USA)

    Sorry to the Animal's world...

     Corporate Alligator - Resides scantily in Florida, Pierces its prey with corporate predatory extreme debt or bankruptcy, then proceeds to drag the other corporations and normal workers to the bottom of the drowning debt heap where it proceeds to watch them rot.  
    (ie., some took the form of Enron & hid in Florida under the Homestead Act.)

    I have heard some large Corporate president/CEO's say "money is like air." The Corporations/Banks know full well that they are allowing the Corporate entity to financially and in effect Physically murder other Corporations and their workers. There should be a way to financially/legally hold corporations accountable for more than putting on a great show of overstock & luxe products. No, capitalism isn't supposed to model communism;- however, for a system that is claims that "money is like air & we all need it to live" ...

    Corporations should be held accountable for not providing enough funding to the population for ample health care and basic & sufficient human needs of the modern era (clothing, food, shelter, transportation to and from work, childcare).

    Nothing new here... I should embellish a bit... I'm just realizing that even Charity needs to step back from the Luxe Glam spots and ensure no one suffers "burn out" that can be translated to insufficient funding.

    Large corporations need to be made more responsible for the entire population if Capitalism & Consumerism are to remain. Without financially viable government due to improper taxation percentages and inflation;- Corporate charity (though I find charity an insult in relation to most "Corporate" matters that are marketed to set the overall "discriminatory" trends)...
    How about Corporate Kickdown?  Time for them to spread the wealth manditory so we can all live & keep it peaceable.

    Another sleepless night. ........

    ASEAN banks MUST open in USA- TPP efforts being sunk by BIG USA Banks

    At the Dawn of the Beginning or the End of the TPP on Feb. 4, 2016 USA banks have already plummeted efforts to the pits of the USA debt load. It has been ongoing for most of the past 10 years/ decade. And, with oncoming USA presidential elections;- what USA banks do in the interim will affect the outcome of the TPP (Trans Pacific Protocol) that has been largely booed by the American public (already experiencing the beginnings of big block store closures).

    That is irregardless of the Obama Administration's Patriot Act. The Patriot Act itself inspired overt racism, discrimination of National Origin, and encouraged Feds and State and local politicians and their livid followers to devestate the lives of otherwise normal Asian-Americans particularly on the Eastern USA seaboard. It changed the face of Foreign Policy  made all that was said internationally a farce.

    Just as America's banks made a huge domestic effort to turn against musicians with PEACEFUL statements. America's banks have been making a huge domestic effort to turn the political tides against persons who have overseas interests in the TPP and other Export-Import ventures. It seems that even the Large cap American banks such as Citicorp have executives in their conglomerate midsts who want to pillage the remnants of Japanese held USA debt and try to turn the tides against Japan. They won't hold their own heiled domestic standard accountable for the National Debt;- instead they are trying to eliminate all the competition that has any notable ties overseas.

    Everything from failed credit protection systems, erroneous banking fees, forced closures of accounts, and letting local authorities (as well as newly hired electronic security) violate personal privacy and allowed them to commit fraud at the local level has occured in over 10 years.

    Around 1980, when I was about 6years old, my father (ex USAF OSI ) said to me -- the CIA will force you to be a thief or a terrorist;- take your pick, we took pot-bets that you won't live till you're 26.

    It's not just that I can't sleep many nights knowing how much they have actively damaged my life in the USA, even being born as a dual citizen. Its that they are horrendous at this point;- and my overseas family in Keiretsu is not showing they have any power or authority to handle the damage that they have done.

    Friday, January 22, 2016

    I'm starting on my board

    I Having an issue with my beginning surfing sorry to compare it to teaching piano (something I do well), or rock climbing (got to 5.11indoors and 5.10was 1st outdoor in 6months)
    main Issue:
    the surf Board - every surf website suggests obtaining a "cost effective" board that's Big enough. In 2013 I was told by Jay Nu, Carve USA's CEO to ditch the lessons and buy a 9'-10' soft top from Honolulu (argh)Walmart- that the time I spend on the board will teach me more than the 1st lesson is worth. then aside from being offered a lesson with Sunny Garcia, I was told Sunny starts his students on a short board they purchase with lessons. So, same as piano- get something and get playing or get with a pro and learn their way. But, however I don't like lessons as they said in Sarasota, Florida that I have unofficial "defiance disorder" for some reason. 
    So, 'MY Board, MY Way.' I thought (my 1st board) would come to me and be something I learn from, aside from not being completely eco unfriendly trash like some soft top. I asked around 2 Triple Crowns later 2015 and was offered to purchase a used Plumeria 8'6" mini tanker from Plumeria's rep Robert Courtney. Thanks to Johnny Orr from Liquid my board price was talked down a little bit mainly because "it's a bit yellow & taking on water".
    I got a used board bag, leash, and soft rack too. Though Surfer Supply was going outta biz one day on way to my helix warmup@24 hr with an ambulance out front blocking the parking garage... I got a new DaKine longboard leash, board sponge, wax for a little bit.   I went to the North Shore Surf Shop and bought a pretty red fiberglass cutout fin that day I got the board. It took 2 weeks of searching for a pair, the only pair, of Futures honeycomb actual fN side bites I could find on the entire fN island-- that coincidntally color coordinate. 
    Total spent- a bunch. Though the shopping motivated and taught me some things as well as my newbie discovery of the FireWire line (which better be my next board). And a book "sustainable surf". That's aside from meeting Jimbo (board shaper) who charges @ $100/board foot. Then a Big wave surfer also named Angela who found me with my new board at the Green World coffee shop- getting all metaphysical on me & sounding like my Mother only with surf and waves in mind. 
    After consideration of making the Brewer stock board a preserved surf relic since his boards are already collectible;-Today, I put my board fins on. Sidebite fin screws a little rusty, and caving in to Chuck's placement of the center fin. I was going to put it all the way up.
    It's a smaller day at the North Shore;- headed to Freddyland,maybe. I decided I'd rather look worse on larger waves than mess myself up at the Old Beach (Barber's Point).
    12/2014 was my first time on a Waikiki rental board. And first time I tried I caught a wave, I had to jump down due to tourist surfers in the way attempting to paddle. Argh. I tanned on the board with Israeli Suzie nearby on her rental. 
    I need to make this surfing thing real.

    And yes, I met Kelly Slater 1x with his GF @ the Elephant Truck in 2013 and 1x he was @turtle bay driving range under hat cover. I did wait from when I was a teenager at Jersey Shore to be "seen" around a real surfer instead of shortboards in poser skimboarding shore break while In awe of the people a mentioned above. it was well worth the 2.5 decade wait and being told everyone thinks I'm a surfer for 10years.

    End of day- went to Freddyland with Chuck (who went out to V-land to catch some waves). I'm sore from Paddling in places I didn't think I'd be sore. Freddyland got up to about 6' waves and was fun. Have to go out again soon...I think this can be addictive. 
    Watched the sunset with everyone back @ chuck's -(Marine who attended the Memorial service this morning from the crashed unit that's been in news lately & his newly envaged friends) Chuck, Johnny Orr- Ty for a beautiful day...the planets are in alignment literally.

    Friday, January 15, 2016

    The Planet Epsilon organization

    The Planet Epsilon organization (aka P.E.) will use coordinates  rather than political descriptors such as Country names. We will use people's names who we know in the nearby areas, or their chosen name within the organization.
    Planet Epsilon will do and focus on current tasks applicable to most current and near future changes to fit the global supply chain environmental demands.
    We will focus and energize the global workplace market to maintain financial health, physical well being of our environment and all of its inhabitants first.
    Planet Epsilon will become the ultimate predators who level the biological playing field to cause balance against the sinking weight of "lethal* chemical change".
    *Planet Epsilon acknowledges that the inhabitable human & animal environment of planet Earth is reaching toxicity with the array of extracted & processed chemicals in the Global marketplace. most biological interactions are considered "chemical". planet Epsilon is most concerned with those chemical stashes, uses, and testing that are adversely affecting animals , as well as humans with lethal results. "lethal chemical change" examines everything from chemical sensitivities to In-extinct chemical warfare elements in the modern supply chain. Serious other chemical stocks used in guerrilla warfare and pharmaceuticals that are dumped into major waterways may fit this broad definition of "lethal chemical change". 

    Phase 1#~ develop coordinate library
    •use of coordinates is to keep the issue in mind rather than acting as a live advertising agent. We share this planet regardless of political or capitalist attributes a designated area may have. 
    • classify coordinate for research, videography, prolonged surveillance, other campaign actions.
    • write coordinate as;-
    Green - chain store
    Red - military 
    Blue - water pollution
    Brown - government 
    Purple - heavy industrial 
    Orange - industrial agricultural
    Yellow - nuclear waste

    Since the responsibility of Planet Epsilon is dedicated to balancing the "lethal chemical change" on the planet;- Planet Epsilon does not condone the use of lethal chemical change itself to harm any life. Any actions on behalf of Planet Epsilon will be done with the most care to self and others possible. 

    "planet epsilon" Mission statement

    The Planet Epsilon organization (aka P.E.) will use coordinates  rather than political descriptors such as Country names. We will use people's names who we know in the nearby areas, or their chosen name within the organization.
    Planet Epsilon will do and focus on current tasks applicable to most current and near future changes to fit the global supply chain environmental demands.
    We will focus and energize the global workplace market to maintain financial health, physical well being of our environment and all of its inhabitants first.
    Planet Epsilon will become the ultimate predators who level the biological playing field to cause balance against the sinking weight of lethal chemical change.

    Written here 2016 by A.M.Kneale

    Question #1

    What's the volume of C4:plastique/Semtex that can fit inside a pair of headphones housing/baffle? How large an explosion? Can it be Plugged into an airplane seat? 

    Tuesday, December 29, 2015

    tourists leave camera batteries for endangered green sea turtles

    I took a walk on the beach at Ali'i Beach Park in Haleiwa one afternoon. As I walked past the palms to the shoreline, I heard a bird squak. At first I looked up for the bird. Then I proceeded to walk on the rocky shore and while watching my steps, I saw a lithium camera battery. This is a place where endangered Hawaiian sea turtles emerge and climb ashore. I picked up the battery and took another direction to the right. I walked on the path that looped back to the main beach. I heard a bird squak again. I looked around at the ground and I found two more AA camera batteries with Japanese Kanji on them. I looked around a little more and headed to the lifeguard house. When I was closer to the infamous Baywatch lifeguard house I returned to a nearby picnic table under a palm tree, and again the bird squaked/shrieked loudly. This time, I saw the battery was under the picnic table.
    I'm not joking about the bird shrieking when I was within arm's reach of these camera batteries. However, judging by the urgency of the shrieks and squats from the bird(s), the batteries must pose enough of a hazard that yes, even the birds are being proactive. 

    I'm not sure how to make tourists understand that leaving camera batteries on the shoreline with endangered species  is not appropriate disposal. Even if a trash can is still not proper battery disposal, it is better than leaving the batteries to corrode and harm sealife. I can imagine that the battery acid can main and blind and burn the endangered Sea turtles. 

    Japan should withdraw/halt moratorium on building contracts with Hawaii/USA interest

    Many American businessmen say that Yakuza runs Japan and there are no other legitimate people who they will do business with. The average American business man seems to feel Yakuza legitimizes American/USA interest in controlling Japan as a territory. 
    This runs contrary to the goals set forth by APEC in attempting to eliminate mob payoff payments that run in the hundreds of millions. 
    Since the USA has legitimized many of these illegal Asian gangs economically, and politically within its own borders;- maintaining decent relations for business progress is crumbling for Japan overseas. 
    It's my opinion that Japan should halt all business in steel and construction to Hawaii especially. It is an observation that I can't ignore. 

    Saturday, December 26, 2015

    I'd like a gift...real help please.

    I want to file a report against certain HpD officers for aiding and assisting attempted murder on me 2x. Not sure how to do so since they are the cause of my non return to the mainland from my 1month vacation.  I need assistance.
    I can't just keep asking an angel.

    Wednesday, December 16, 2015

    Chinese Navy in Honolulu, Problems with Hawaiian Nation hating Japan

    My anxiety level is through the ceiling while at the Vans Off the Wall 2015.
    This nearly marks my 6th year in the Hawaiian Islands. Fight over Export import- especially Filipinos attacking me, Chinese-Hawaiians trying to use shipping lines to run "independence guns", Yamaguchigumi wars aside from normal enemy status with my family in Japan, Israelis, and everyone else including the local born Feds and corrupt HPD has just been a NIgHTMARE.

    Chinese Navy destroyer & navy are visiting and the "local born" Hawaii residents think that finding doppelgänger of yours truly is fun to mess with. Can't imagine who else they do this to, putting doubles near work places and gyms and outings. Rumour is that China has 5-6 doppelgänger of any person they want to replace in the U.S.

    Chinese+Hawaiians working to exacerbate 
    Pacific security with "revolutionary" actions against USA/ North America  & Japan. 
    - this has been an immediate issue beginning with security trainer Olohei* Shane Kainoa Kekoakalani  Li, who asked me if I could bring guns to Hawaii in 2009. He ha been asking around as well as other small island nations outside the Pacific region. 
    *In English, Olohei means a leader of the people.

    Arms to run through South China Sea

    Monday, December 14, 2015

    USA is hunting bloodlines

    I can't say I'm enthralled or even mildly delighted at this point. It seems the quest for genetic supremacy in the USA is more of a genetic "hunt" and not an outreach of understanding. Originations of African American genetic lineage are hunting the other mindsets of genetic survival. Control of media, film, English language and newfound storytelling 

    Thursday, December 10, 2015

    Re: my ex-I'm biz plan

    I definitely cannot be successful with Hawaii State & local federal involvement. I'm barely alive and surviving on Oahu. 
    Definitely a project for Philadelphia, Ny, DC only. 

    Thursday, December 03, 2015

    Last night COF meeting

    "People have withdrawn from nature, going over to culture. That means people have raised themselves only to be lowered. But we cannot manage without nature. Man doesn't have the right to withdrawal from it. Nature  is God." ~ Bruno Groening, "I give you a little wisdom of life on your way", pg. 40

    Last night I received one "Schoolingletter" publication from our spiritual healing group leader. I have a lot to learn about going through this most difficult time politically, as I have been on the edge of having a suicidal bout the past week that stems from my knowing I will no longer influence my family's decisions, as I cease to exist in physicality. 
    The onslaught of Hawaii being the American crossroads for international & domestic civilian, criminal, & military cultures is tremendous. And of course sorting political attacks against an American versus plain jealousy Amidst the novelty thefts by those from less criminally advantaged cultures is additional & unneeded adversity. 

    Wednesday, December 02, 2015

    Facsimile Arming

    Subversive university actions @ commencement closings. Military turf is campus.  China takes actions against Jews, Egypt, fascism. 

    Saturday, November 28, 2015

    My Giving "divine" light experience

    No matter what "God's plan" is for us, I do believe we all leave our physical plane body or experience human "death". 

    The Japanese based giving light cult was my most in depth spiritual "cleansing" experience this past year. I joined on 2-22-2015. Just relieved of my complicated Omitama pendant which enabled me to give light and sitting for a "receiving light" (okiyome) session  I'm sitting at D&B watching College football with some guacamole & bbq chips.

    I know every time I entered, there was something more than spiritually distasteful about the place. Some of the Senior members, aside from being anti most everything I stand for by saying "God allows them to" so it's ok, didn't ever resonate well with me. Especially when it comes to the environment & my veganism. That and having over 50 something crowd breathing down my Gen X neck about contributing more money because "all money is God's".
    Though I've had the omitama in the box for a while, I read a psychology article about people with severe psychosis "seeing things" and experiencing & explaining the world though a more primitive and unscientific mindset. Attempting to put a quantum value on it is, Obserd to me;- despite several members who seem to be excorcised by shaking and erratic movements during an okiyome session. It is grossly more subtle than an evangelist TV healer, however it has longer participatory times and exists as a fixture in some communities. 
    Politically, financially, physically, and mentally draining and put in the hands of old wealthy Hawaiian-Japanese who are incredibly sexist and rude to all of my senses. They are rude because they dislike The East Coast experiences they have had and are used to 3rd world Hawaiian ways of living and socializing with undereducated women.
    I've opted for 2 other more independent practices of similar spiritual Healing practices that are headed by actually known and acknowledged master Healers who walked the earth. This profound actual healer vs striving practitioner difference is what lead me away from OShinenushi Sama founder of Sukyomahikari. 
    Plus I've had better results with extremely less time commitment than Sukyomahikari. And, with less interference to my actual human needs of employment and working on a lifelong project and such. 

    The Omitama pendant used to give okiyome I was given upon completion of the primary course for $250 in Honolulu was returned today.

    Paradise to a modern City scape

    Most people fly, cruise, row, or sail to Hawaii in search of a peaceful and warm abode for a weekend or two in paradise.

    My Morning Photo: Honolulu, Hawaii 

    _______________________Like most women who get stuck here. I make enough to survive, but not enough to make up for the financial damage the men have caused due to lack of employment. I want to go back to life as usual on the mainland. That's aside from my business plans and how broke Hawaii state is -- so they try to extort my family stateside & Japan side for money so I don't get killed here. That's why they have shooters at meetings like APEC. Average people are horrible. The people they admire are worse.__________

    - one woman I lived with was attacked at her job site taking inventory at the warehouse. The men cornered her and cracked her skull open. She made 70k+benefits a year. She has 3 Hawaiian children. She offered me the job. Of course I said no & remained the course of physical integrity. She left the island with her children for safety sake.

    my experience with Photography law inside a state building:- 
    - I went to the Honolulu DMV on Dillingham to voluntarily surrender the taxi license I had obtained for work I tried barely a month prior. The clerk informed me she could only issue licenses. So, I went to take a photo showing an attempt at surrendering my license. She got her manager and he came to the window told me that it's illegal for me to take photo of his employee. I told him I'm representing myself in court and that I can take photos to defend myself in court. He kept telling me the legalities of my photo taking on me, implying immediate arrest if I didn't delete my photo. I asked him, "are you an attorney?" And he stayed in silence, no response. I asked him, can you tell me what laws there are that will tell me that info? He said "you can go look it up."

    The manager had to tell his employee that they do accept surrendered certificates. I tried to point out to them their requirements say that I have to surrender it if I stop driving for 30days. So I need to know where to surrender the certificate of they don't accept it.

    My "duty" is OVER - it has been tremendously damaging to me

    After a one month briefing and a hint that "my family" might need me to remain in Hawaii for 5 years -- No More Hawaii for me, please!!! Have mercy! 
     I received a January briefing before my February vay-k about how the Hawaiian islands are full of old Japan based gang enemies to my Most Imperial Japanese relatives and families;-
    Most of The Japanese I met in Hawaii are   Pathetic critics of east coast life since they can barely stand to stay there more than a year or two at best. 
    The other major issue I have with the Hawaiian born Japanese and Japanese green card residents is that they are collectively and individually pathetic & deplorably rude to me. This is not only because of my relation overseas, but they are completely insulting to my senses as I am accustomed to "dominant American cultures " of the East Coast and impacts of at least 14million other people who don't fly back and forth to Asia as frequently as Californians.
    And then they fail to understand that I have some Caucasian upbringing that is a family tradition that skipped my parents generation yet was handed down to me.

    My peer group in the islands is nothing suitable for Any business requirements and I have met others on their visits who give me more than tremendous awareness of their preparedness for future actual project(s).

    About Me

    My Photo
    Hawaii, United States
    Independent Think-tanker & researcher.Was adversely affected by the Patriot Act due to being the Niece of retired executive Y. Takenaka, & founding family of Takenaka Corporation, Raised on East Coast for cultural understanding post Hiroshima. Survived since age 3 under care/safety of various USA executives. Though, she has relation to a USA great-uncle who received 2 silver stars for multiple landings at Iwo Jima, having served on the USS Langley. U.S. Gov instigated and upheld control and decimation of her actual life since childhood as a political statement and message to Japan. Ongoing difficulty..currently in critical condition in Hawaii.