Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thing about globalization of Asia

Everyone and anyone can be a nobody in  America (the USA).

Blog topics after Netpac@25 symposium

•impact of peer censorship of cultural identity language - as separate issue from domestic USA racism. How does it differ from east coast New England to mid-political Washington DC to southern east coast especially in areas where Asian descent is only in .1% of dominant culture. How is west coast different? How is Hawaii different? Does one geographical region impact globalism with Asian countries more than another through use of language or through peer censorship? Is peer/social censorship in USA regions representative of government enough to substantiate changing Asian film language from culturally specific to globalism language to open and engage a conversation with audience that has only Eurocentric view -vocabulary of ideologies.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Chinese Film & Professor Xie Fei

World renowned film Professor Xie Fei

participated in Netpac@25 Nov. 24, 2015 
With an hour interview by Netpac@25 participating directors and audience. followed by a showing of "A Mongolian Tale" and a Chinese Film Presentation.

Professor Xie Fei for Netpac@25 presentation

Some days

•bombing of Israel
•build a China wall (with Trojan horse), Myanmar 
•we no longer trust any governments. There is slight chance and later greater possibility of biological warfare contained in any air strike and capsulated armorment being aleotoric in its ultimate destination;- ie plane crash. 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

I barely didn't sleep.

Today I decided to attend the morning panels for Netpac@25. Hasan Elahi gave a keynote speech that was worthy of note taking. 
During coffee break I also briefly met the Man, Xie Fei;- world renowned film school director from Beijing Film 
All of it was followed up by a lengthy discussion with 2 other attendees.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

HNL security should improve--

After hearing how many ISIS supporters monitored online & are living in the Highrises of Honolulu: - this does worry me....unattended baggage & simple lies

reparations included future rape payment of Japanese

The reparations payoff from the 1945 nuclear bombing by the United States of America on Japan is considered by May Americans to be justification in the Rape, assault, and further killing of Japanese citizens. This includes some of us who are forced into American citizenship due to American ignorance, personal agenda and discrimination, and abuses towards Japanese Nationality Laws. 
The United States feels that it is justified lifetime torture to those of us who have political family in Japan to influence. 

About making Films in Asian Language versus globalized English

My notebook: intro of this symposium panel

This morning I went to the Carnation room at the Ala Moana hotel and sat down to listen to the morning symposium "Chasing the Dream: Culture, Capitalism, and Cinema" presented by Netpac@25. It was followed by the panel discussion on "Co-productions and Globalization".

"When Language is Outlawed, speaking it is a political act." ~ Ella Henry, filmmaker New Zealand 

The only Panel Members I really think have the right mindset were-- New Zealand's Ella Henry, Philippine's Nick Deocampo, India's Nilesh Maniyar, China's Shayoi Sun.

"Word's are not innocent & have identity of the Colonizer. Identity is a negotiated process."~ Nick Deocampo, filmmaker Phillipeans.

They didn't give Kazakhstan Gulnara Abikeyeva's time with her more formal paper to share.

What I got out of the 2 panel sessions:- 
•Trying to overcome borders and communicate to other "cultures".
      - whether to use Cultural specific language or globalization's English language.
•The people's film claiming to do combat artistically against some globalization and corporate film mindset emanating from  Hollywood's "Wagnerianish" auture.  
•Attempting to "negotiate" the use of language in a world where only America allows some liberal idea of "freedom of speech".
•Nick Decampo was the only one who ventured to mention ASEAN and making film footage of rice.

------ I did ask 1 question about use of English and tried to briefly explain That even if conversation is put into English that it does not mean there is much context for the rest of the English speaking/ Euro-centric world. -- 
That I went to a business Dinner where there was a table full of people all who spoke English -- who needed a translator to give in depth context of seemingly simple sentences--also broken down in English, to an American Businessman. 

Still how the film world plans to cross globalization borders without similar dinner scenes to resemble & more like a cinematic Opera glance at the story from which the libretto has been derived,  is beyond me. ---------------------

^The panel chalked it up to a "negotiation" of use of language over culture. Or how to "weave" culture specific material with Global English...without getting into cinematic style.

It also made me reconsider being more specific when I use the following terms;-
•indigenous (political term, geographical presence, personal experience of foreign body)
•culture & culturally specific vs. society
• cosmopolitanism (went unmentioned) vs. globalization

Friday, November 20, 2015

USA should take Hawaiian tribal funds

Since M-16's were prevalent with dozens of snipers at APEC 2011, and even a Hawaiian-Chinese Kahuna & Olohei was sent to the airport to interfere with my Japanese-USA business plan;- it seems that USA should make efforts to freeze and or confiscate funds of the Hawaiian tribe. The USA is using Hawaiian tribes to interfere with international Efforts to maintain a peaceable business environment and to exacerbate war interests by side-stepping head on attacks to private individuals, families, and other international interest. 
They also make zero reparations and the Hawaiian tribal community (whether carrying a U.S. Passport or not) is making advances towards War between Other Asian nations from USA territory/lands.

My Christian experiences

Every Sunday, my godparents took me to Sunday school. The Church I was baptized under was an evangelical Lutheran church in a small nearby town.
I was the older one of my brother and I. So aside from some children breaking my brother's toddler leg with a swift kick at a Unitarian church in town;- I took the brunt of the church abuse for a while.
My parents agreed to let my brother out of going to church activities in Junior high school after he begged them. It was after an incident where the pastor Craig Landis actually tried to strangle me in front of my mother and those in my confirmation class for saying the word Japan. A lot of the church abuse my brother and I withstood was directly because we are not white. 
There were several incidents daily that I was being shouted at like a prisoner undergoing brainwashing. They frequently shouted at me repeatedly, "you ethnics are going to hell" as all ethnics would under the Lutheran doctrine. 
Also at a certain point in Junior high the Sunday school instructor said I couldn't read the bible or say John 3:16 and sat me in a circle and tortured me the same time I could hear them doing something similar to my little brother (through the dividers). 
The church we attended was an above ground cover for the underground local white supremacy movement. They treated my brother and I worse than prisoners, despite knowingly baptising us. 
Years later immediately following my brother's death and that old pastor Craig Landis instructing my father to kill me & he's help him cover it up;- I was offered an opportunity. One of my clients, a Jewish pastor who made angel pins that went into Walgreens couldn't pay me in normal money. So instead of taking the equipment I was offered I asked him if he could u baptize me from the church. He said he had never done so before and came up with a ceremony to cut the cords that bound me to the abusive church. I used to come home and cry in my room after every Sunday school, plus all the kids I went to regular school with knew I was to be hated for my "race."
It was an awful place and my mother naively punished us extra because she believed that these people are the best people despite them hating her for being Japanese too. It was a horrendous ordeal for 17years. 
To be revised/continued...additiona

How Caucasian Vegans are patenting the Asian & Latin food markets

Keeping the peace and spreading the love among America's world rebound obese. As if they didn't consume enough to feed an African village, the Skinnier breed of Caucasian American, the European mixed white american has been patenting what they call "ethnic" foods. Is this a Fair and equal food market full of diversity? It seems highly unlikely since I rarely see an Indian curry made by anyone actually Indian. Most east coast Japanese restaurants & sushi bars are Korean owned. Then try to explain to a white vegan how rude they are telling me that animals should have more rights than minority "ethnics" because we are from countries that kill small animals like dogs. Though they don't see their own Agricultural meat industry as a "race or nationality issue." 

American vegans are more two-faced than anyone I have yet met. Plus they feel more justified to steal from other vegans especially yours truly because they are so white they don't think anyone will believe us if we say a word...because they have the perfect cover. It's a parallel to PETA actually euthanizing their shelter animals.
Even today I was thinking how silly it is and how pissed off the cats are at the humane society and no kill shelters;- their feral & left behind pet counterparts live freely outdoors and flourish. They are stuck in cages in ringworm infested quarters. Irony at its finest. White American progressivism does have its minimum is maximum  quota of "non-whites" to fill. Then take away and patent 3rd world recipes!!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Going movies HIFF fall 2015

Assassination Nov. 20th
Assassin Nov 20th
Mocking Jay 2 Nov 19 
Atlantic Nov 19
Black & White (senator Dan Inyoue) Nov 15

my brother's death- head blown off with shotgun

Japan owns $1197.0billion USA dollars in debt. The average inbred homeland American whose reading comprehension is low thinks that they own Japan. 
So...what I have been forced to live a social experiment is absolutely unforgivable. especially after my brother's memorial service and his so called friends joking about beating the shit out of him because he is Japanese. My father & his friends silenced me from getting into a fight and then several people attempted to murder me, which exhausted me financially.
The White Pennsylvanians (clearly have strong white European supremacy) and my college schoolmates thought it was funny that another "dumb Jap" but the dust on the east coast. That's the crowd of Pennsylvanians and New Yorkers (as hateful of Asia and white supremacist in their progressive allotment of race") I had the most exposure to. The Americans  think it's amusing that my mother & I, & our family Akita woke up to the disaster of my brother's brains splattered in a family picnic area with a shotgun.  Apparently my father "found him" and then went to sleep until my mother found him. 
No, I don't have friends here in the states. The half Chinese and mixed race other Asians think it's amusing as well since they revel in Japan's failures.
41 years tomorrow of the USA is quite enough embarrassment and harshness. 
My aunt Junko should know my mother psychologically wrote me off as a representation of her Jealousy for Aunt Junko's beauty and refinement in Japanese society. I was born to an oil and water family;- or steel and steel that clash constantly. 

Clinton & Muslim Law

Clinton boys to adopt Sharia law.  @1997-2005 I was around a number of Clinton Boys of varying though predominantly Caucasian backgrounds - Lebanese, Vermonter, California, oil pursuers who were livid about 2 things while intensely playing big board backgammon and lonely solitaire amidst kilos of cocaine
1. Their white supremacy born of even American nouveau riche  2. Muslim law

Obama didn't tell u that. 

Polarized USA homeland

Recently, many Caucasian & African-Americans are using the overseas refugee crisis to polarize their homeland.
More so America is becoming like Nazi Germany when "terror threat" is used in the media buzz. The words "terror threat" trigger the American homeland to violently lash out harder at more legitimate Americans who are from more diverse backsgrounds than "black or white".  
Again American fantasy patriotism plays a role in everyday American culture where discrimination of nationality and or race is traditionally misplaced on "racial minority" individuals and their families. Using the term "terror threat" sets that game into motion and the number of unofficial diplomatic relationships affected between the USA and other nations can rise to catastrophic and economic downfall. The USA is well stocked for a new isolationist economy. 


Problems with the USA:
Teachers don't teach or know--most public school teachers use the schools as their political podium to maintain order when faced with a diverse population.

To obey is to be gullible USA

Yesterday, I watched a German news broadcast about their European refugee crisis. It made me realize how out of touch Americans are with the global competiveness for solar energy, Africa, population crises. 
I am impressed with the European nations who brought in refugees. Then to establish an order and find some education/training for future industry & life supporting energy resources will take time;- but seems more possible with African refugees in the EU. 
That is an incredible leap for humanity at its crux.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Harsh Version- almost 41yrs

The USA  paid off Japan for post Hiroshima & Nagasaki A-bomb reparations. In American culture there is little to zero actual sympathy in the domestic culture, and the reparation payment seems to be justification for further actions to politically  tear and ostracize  Japanese women living in the USA and other Japanese from their home culture. 
It is widespread from Caucasian Americans to sexually dominate women unwontedly, African-American men to push us and pimp us, the local Hawaiians who feel justified in dishing out their new rendition of Americana on Japan because the American Masses are  numb to the difference between the pineapple-picking plantation Japanese and those of us who were raised with the Hiroshima political stigma and nuclear residual. the Vietnamese boat people who enjoy empowering themselves as pimps over single Japanese women who don't have a big FOB (fresh off boat) community for protection. 
The United States is full of liars who try and isolate Japanese women (regardless of education or family relation internationally) within their own subcultures because there is almost none who will or can legitimately vouch for us. 
Yes, USA men are scum just as much as the women are across all the American subcultures. I think it's sad that Japan keeps opening its doors blindly to world humiliation and defilement. 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

My plan to "expatriate"

good Game, Well the NY Giants disappointed me I'm not fond of the Eagles green or being thrown out a Penns landing window @ 21 stories by an Eagles QB friend. So...I'm making plans to expatriate unless the NY Giants do indeed make the playoffs...Super Bowl.
philly killed my life. ny tried to save it

Japan & Tokyo, PLEASe kick Out USA bases

The U.S. Military and its contractors have terrorized me since arriving in Hawaii. The Deaths of my sister and brother, as well as my fathers abuse of my mother were all prompted by U.S. military and their domestic White supremacist terrorists in PEnnsylvania. The African-American men only offer to pimp me out to other Asian business men or I don't have livable work here in the USA/Hawaii. I am quite certain this is all an attack on my Mother's family, as our deaths are communication to sever ties with Japan. I beg Japan/Tokyo to support removal of all U.S. Military bases.  
I am continually stalked and terrorized by USA men in military, domestic US terror groups, and other private citizens. It has been relentless over 40 years of my life. Please make it stop Nov 20th, 2015.

"It's hard not to say you U.S. Men are as bad as the Muslim Terrorists to my Japanese family."

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

My Hawaiian depression

Trying everything I can to combat the mental drain of everyday sexual violence (verbal and financial) here that I didn't experience in New York or Pennsylvania;- despite being abducted 2x in Pennsylvania and being a survivor of sexual assault throughout college over 24 attacks and through my classical piano music career. It brought out my vigilante side. My old best friend and ex-boyfriend/husband as we called ourselves was definitely my rock to see me through. 
Hawaii falls way below the Bar of correctedness with its contorted men who have grown up seeing the exploitation of their mothers. It makes for a mentally terse place for me to exist. The saddest part of Hawaii is that the exotic dance clubs have some level of boundaries with men. The regular bars and nightclubs are chocked full of perverted Amer-Asian/Pacific Islander  men whose introduce themselves by molestation. It's not a compliment. 

Oko_ne to the Supuraute Fuera burogu!!! Lots of Veggies for all. Cooking, driving, piano, contracting gripes & glees...ribbit!

Monday, November 09, 2015

Apps draining card accounts

I've had a ton of problems with known hackers getting into my email and social media and leaving email commentary for me. I can think of 2off the top of my head one A.I. From Helsinki, another an original Rat pack member.
 I don't have any online privacy. However, now I'm finding that there were accounts set up with my name and identity theft that is erroneously appearing as my "old account" --accounts I was unaware of. And the accounts that I frequently used online/apps have vanished from my reach. That includes billing nightmares! 
it seems that one of the apps has piggybacked itself onto the data for of the OS system on my phone for ICloud account- where financial info is input. Every time the phone requests my fingerprint or ID I'm being charged $10.46 to my actual account. Then Apple turns around and says their software indicates that the transaction was denied or in que because of incorrect address information that their system chooses to re-populate. Regardless of their error reading the credit card charge goes through anyway. They say they haven't received funds;- yet the Credit Card company is showing multiple charges, some that were authorized and released, others that were only authorized to ITunes.
Yet Apple fails to acknowledge that there is an issue because of what their software says happened instead of the real life transactions.

Hawaii & mainstream USA: Not very Buddha.

Party favors & decorations are not very Buddha. They are not needed and pollute the environment. After a 1 month stay on an island in Thailand that limited if not prohibited Balloons and streamers and things for parties;- it's difficult to see Hawaii's islands ever protecting the Wildlife and environment. Hawaii is a Pacific Ocean party Mecca for adults who have not matured past plasticine representations of joy with bouquets of rubber balloons. Children born in the aquarian age should start learning to enjoy life without these decorations as their gift to the Earth. 

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Jabbah da hot- Hawaiian Islands

The Navy's top-secret program to create a job of the hut is nearing completion. Thousands of Local navy wives are to have liposuction performed in the next coming months. This humanitarian and top secret effort is part of a top secret AI project to collectively take all cellulite and creates a Starish Wars Jabbah da hut and to bring it life with a re-animation syrum and new artificial intelligence AI OS. The application of this A.I. Will be tested in desert warfare situations early 2016.

Saturday, November 07, 2015

gOd- General Omniscient Dogma

I refute 11:11 2015
I cleanse my hands of the blood of Babylon and the Babylon demise, as well as those who perish from outside its borders. I am born of two nations and also have none, I am the blood of the Old Ones that migrated to 11 tribes who fought the coming of Babylon, yet I have no tribe, no nation as I was born not to any formal tribe except my own. Like the flem that graced the life of Joan D'arc, the United States as Babylon has made me a martyr of my Japanese family.
I ask for acceptance by those people around the globe. For solidarity in belief of a General Omniscient Dogma  that has caused our waters to be chemically polluted;- not a bacteria or virus that can be persuaded to leave. We shall live on the scraps of our creators works that are remnants of life here being connected to heaven;- and not far removed to plasticine idolizations. 2 B cont...

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